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How to revolutionize your sex life?

People ask me how can i have better sex – I have bad sex or bad lovers and i want better sex life, better orgasms. As I see it,most people look for solutions, a magic pill,outside of themselves – They think that their happiness, their pleasure, their fulfillment will come from outside of themselves, so sometime they go and buy sex toys, and they think “if i use a fancy sexy toy i will feel better.”

Sexuality starts with you

If you wanna make your sex life better, i would suggest an idea for you, that sex starts with you, sexuality start with you, with your connection to your own sexuality and your own body.

It starts with how much you love, accept and appreciate your body; With how much you see your body as something which is attractive and something that has innate pleasure in and every part – not just in your penis or vagina, but everywhere.

So really seeing your body as ONE BIG GENITAL if you want; Really seeing that every part that touch in your body can be pleasurable, maybe even orgasmic , maybe even a ecstatic.

So i suggest a very simple practice for you, practice is call Master-bation, you know it as “Masturbation” but you have to be a master of your own body, and before you connect to somebody else and try to have amazing sex with somebody else, try to have sex with yourself.
The idea about Masterbation is not to reach some goal, not to reach ejaculation for man or  that really sharp, short, kind of meaningless clitoral orgasm for women, and we will be talking about this in one of the next videos.

The idea is to see how you can explore your whole body and really feel the pleasure in all of your body, and yes you can include your genitals, but don’t make it a goal-oriented practice; Really enjoy every moment, every step of the way.

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Learn to become more sexual, creative, and successful: